Plus Membership

$20/month ($50/3 months)

With our Online Training ‘Plus’ Membership, as with Basic Membership, you will get access to new videos each month, each of which is designed to strengthen and tone your whole body. These videos will include workouts for interval training (cardio), upper body, lower body, abs, and total body.

You may be wondering, do I need access to a gym to use these videos? And the answer is no! All you will need for these videos is: one pair of dumbbells, a circular resistance band, and a mat (or a towel, if you prefer). But for those who like gym workouts and have access, you will get one “gym only” workout video each month.

The videos will vary in length, from as short as 10 minutes to as long as 45 minutes. Just decide how much time you have for each day and fit in your workouts throughout the week!

In addition to all of the benefits of the Basic Membership, you will ALSO get nutritional coaching!

A healthy lifestyle is composed of “level-appropriate” workouts AND a balanced diet, so with this option you will get both elements. You will have access to healthy recipes, tips to avoid temptation and “cheat clean”, and advice on how to structure your meals based on your goals.