About Us

The Body Effect is a health and fitness company focused on helping people discover, commit to, and achieve their goals. We aim to provide quality, innovative workouts each month and to educate people on how to exercise with proper form and the appropriate intensity level for their goals. The programs are designed with many goals and experience levels in mind. So whether you’re already a fitness enthusiast or you have never done resistance training before, you will see results with our programs.

About your Trainer

Sammy Warnement is a multi-certified fitness professional. But it’s not just her knowledge and expertise that make her an excellent trainer—it’s her ability to empathize with clients, because she used to be the client.

Beginning at a young age, Sammy was deeply involved in dance and other sports, including competitive soccer, gymnastics and swimming. However, in college she struggled with decreased activity levels, poor dietary habits, and a slowing metabolism. Fortunately, she found a local personal trainer who would influence not only her physical fitness, but also the course of her career. Sammy was able to learn how to exercise properly and make healthy eating choices, and also learned what a compassionate and intelligent personal trainer can do. She wanted to be able to give that same sense of confidence and empowerment to others.

With this insight and inspiration, Sammy began pursuing a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She spent multiple years shadowing experienced personal trainers who had different styles and who had clients with different ages, degrees of fitness and goals. She then focused on getting as much knowledge as possible, and received the following certifications and specializations:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist – gives expertise to train athletes to improve sport-specific skills
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist – gives the scientific and practical basis for nutritional coaching

Sammy also graduated with honors with her Bachelor’s degree in 2015, giving her the well-rounded but science-based education that most trainers just do not have. Her emphasis is on goal-achievement and education, so that every client is motivated to make fitness a lifetime commitment. Her unique perspective stems from her dance and sports background, allowing her to lead each client through thoughtfully crafted workouts and provide detailed nutritional guidance to lead holistically healthy, balanced lives.