Something is Better Than Nothing

Scenario: It’s Monday morning (strike one) and you have a full day of work and 10 different errands to run after work ahead of you (strike two). You also need to spend time with your family and find some way to get in a few hours of sleep (strike three). But, with all of this going on, you’re still supposed to work out so you can lose the weight before your vacation in a few weeks. What do you do?

     Our typical response is to cut out our workout because everything else is “more important”. But is it? Are all of the errands you need to run more important than your overall health and happiness? Is there something you’re doing that is eating in to precious minutes of your day—such as checking social media or watching television? We must evaluate the way in which we spend our day and ensure that we’re making time for the things which are working to make our lives better.

     So what should we do if we have already cut all of the unnecessary activities out of our day (which we probably still haven’t)? We do something. Anything. 20 minutes working out is better than 0 minutes. Even 5 minutes of a workout is better than nothing. Find a way to squeeze out the valuable time we have left in the day to exercise and work toward your goals.

     Because here is the truth: if we aren’t working to improve our lives and are complacent in where we are, we’re really decreasing our quality of life. Here are some quick ideas that you can do to fit in a workout even if you only have a few minutes:

          •5-minute outdoor jog
          •10-minute abs workout
          •15-minute Tabata (high intensity interval training) workout
          •20-minute compound workout
          •Incorporates multi-muscle exercises.

     What should your takeaway be from all of this information? More exercise is better than less. Something is better than nothing. Make sure that you are making the most of your available time—because we all have work and families and commitments, but we must make time for ourselves (and that includes our workouts)!

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