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The Body Effect is a fitness and training company focused on transforming all aspects of people's lives. With The Body Effect, you will learn how to exercise using proper form and how to make healthy dietary choices on a daily sustainable basis.
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Equipment required: one set of dumbbells, one set of 3-4 circular resistance bands, and a yoga mat or towel


Yukie was one of many women who have a small figure but a higher body fat percentage. Although she was slender, Yukie wanted to lose body fat, tone her abs and arms, and gain (lean muscle) strength. She had some prior resistance training experience, but needed an extra push during her workouts and wanted to learn how to design intense workouts.

At the onset, Yukie was 33% body fat. However, after several months of vigorous workouts, both with Sammy and on her own, Yukie dropped to 22% body fat (a loss of 11%) and lost 3 pounds. Although the scale only showed a 3-pound difference, she actually lost 13 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle in the process.

Yukie T

Candice’s journey began with a unique goal: to compete in her first triathlon. She wanted to focus on overall body strength and endurance, rather than weight loss, so that she could complete the triathlon to the best of her ability. Over a four-month period, Candice followed a detailed, weekly routine that incorporated strength training, metabolic conditioning, and the three types of cardio she would experience at the race (swimming, biking, and running). In the process, Candice dropped 2% in body fat and gained additional muscle tone in her arms and legs. In November of 2015, she successfully finished the triathlon! She went on to maintain a weekly exercise routine that would keep her in good shape, having learned from Sammy how to properly design an exercise program.

“I had a simple goal: complete my first triathlon. Sammy positively pushed me beyond my goal. I felt the transformation mid-way through my training with her when on a date at Venice Beach. I swung from the metal rings. It felt like I was flying. I felt so strong! Reaching this new strength was not easy and I could not have done it on my own. Some days I was so tired after work that I wasn’t sure I could make it to the gym. Sammy was always there, prepared to wake me back up, pump me up to do my best, and push me past my limits. She nicknamed different exercises, which made them easier to remember, and I practice them at home. My favorite is Starfish. Sammy, thank you for your training and pushing me beyond my potential. You lifted my confidence and opened my eyes to a new me!”

Candice M.

Renee was in good shape and had already worked with a personal trainer before she worked with Sammy, so it was important that she be appropriately challenged in order to fully achieve her fitness goals. She wanted to work on toning her whole body and lowering her body fat percentage. Renee’s program incorporated a variety of types of exercise, including body weight and weighted exercises, functional training, cardio, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). After only two months, Renee had managed to drop 4% in body fat and tighten up both her arms and abs. Although she was already energetic, she had more energy to last her throughout her busy workdays, and she continues working to drop body fat and get to her ideal body.

“After working with another personal trainer for about nine months, I thought I had hit a plateau. That’s when I started working out with Sammy! Within a short time of working together, I began seeing changes in my body, I gain muscle and my body leaned out. The workouts are always fun, high energy, and challenging. I’m thankful to Sammy for pushing me, encouraging me, and helping me reach my fitness goals!”

Renee L

Rob had been fairly slim for most of his life, but he wanted to change that. Because he travelled on most weekends and had a packed schedule during the week, Rob was only able to make it to the gym two or three days per week, making it even more important to make those workouts count. When he began training with Sammy, he was at 24.5% body fat, so he set out to lose body fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously.

His workouts incorporated light weight, heavy weight, and body weight exercises, as well as speed and agility drills. Although he is confident in his ability to design a good workout, he values the challenges he faces during training and is better able to stay motivated and push through intense exercises. He has continued training for over one year and has seen some fantastic results thanks to his workout regimen and diet program. Rob has successfully dropped 8% in body fat and gained almost 20 pounds of muscle, giving him the more muscular physique he had been wanting.

Robert M

When Gretchen first began her fitness journey, she was living in a new city and didn’t know if she would have the motivation to complete her workouts each week. She teamed up with Sammy to get herself into a rhythm at the gym, one that would allow her to stay consistent throughout her busy days. The focus for her workouts was free weight and body weight exercises, giving her the flexibility to adapt her workouts to use in any setting (indoor, outdoor, gym, etc.). Prior to moving back to the east coast, Gretchen was able to perfect her exercise form and lose 2% in body fat, giving her a more toned, flat stomach and stronger arms and legs.

“Without Sammy’s help I don’t think I would have been able to stick to a routine, but she was very encouraging and made working out fun and interesting. She helped me to create a consistent regimen of activities, both in and out of the gym, which worked with my busy school schedule. Even though I can’t work with her in person anymore due to my move, I’m excited to use Sammy’s online workout program so we can maintain a connection and I can continue to see results.”

Gretchen D.

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